About myself

Concetta Amore writes and sings her own songs in italian, english and recently also in the Bernese dialect as well as - being a real "italo-swiss" - canzoni from her italian roots Naples and Sicily.


Her warm voice reaches the hearts of the audience. The joy in her music can be contagious.


Her musical style reflects influences of folk, blues, jazz, pop and a touch of rock'n'roll.


In the past Concetta Amore has played in different groups whereas often as duo e.g. with "Les Sacrées Nanas" (folk, blues) along with Judith Schwaller (violin), or "Gilli con Amore" (jazz and blues) with Isabel Gilli on saxophone. She has  sung a-capella, gained some experience with directing a choir and played in ad-hoc formations with Roger Linder (saxophones), Martina Frank (percussion), Maximilian Nyafli (bass), Ruth and Res Margot (vocals, guitar, launeddas, jaw's harp), Riccardo Aebi (double bass), Barbara Heuberger (piano, vocals)  and many more.


To define some highlights in her actual career must be named the concerts with band in the Ristorante La Lupa Bern, the solo concerts at the "Notti d'amore" in the Castle of Spiez, the concert in Stef's Kulturbistro, Ostermundigen, the many evenings with music of 

Picture taken by Verena Sala, www.verenasala.com


Sardegna with Ruth and Res Margot as well as the new duo Mont'Amore with Barbara Heuberger.

Actually she is to be heard with her solo programme.